About Factoring

Factoring is simply the sale of your accounts receivable for immediate cash without incurring debt.

Factoring allows you to leverage on the stronger creditworthiness of your customers instead of relying only on your business credit. This is incredibly important for smaller businesses that would not normally qualify for traditional bank lending.

There are many benefits to factoring including:

  • Fast cash. We wire money directly to your bank account.

  • Have confidence in bidding larger, more profitable jobs knowing you will have working capital available to make payroll and pay suppliers on time.

  • Flexibility. You can sell your invoices whenever you want with minimal paperwork.

  • We rely on the credit strength of your customer as opposed to the strength of your business credit.


What is Spot Factoring?

Spot factoring is the same as traditional factoring except there are no contracts locking you into minimum volume requirements or penalties for not factoring when it is not necessary. You are in control of which invoices to factor, deciding when and how much of a boost to your cash flow is needed to benefit your business.

Benchmark Factors specializes in spot factoring, providing a quick and convenient way to receive cash for your open invoices. You choose which invoices to factor and receive immediate cash that is wired directly into your business bank account.

How does Factoring work?

The factoring process at Benchmark Factors is fast and easy.

Contact us today to learn more about Benchmark Factor’s factoring program.


Talk with us:

Call us to inquire about factoring some or all your invoices. The team at Benchmark Factors works to give fast approval.

Submit Your Invoice(S):

Benchmark Factors specializes in spot factoring, so YOU choose which invoices to factor.

Receive Instant Available Cash

The money goes straight to your bank account so you can meet important deadlines such as payroll and other operating expenses. Benchmark Factors has a structure that is all encompassing and most cost effective for our clients.